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Gearbox Rebuild

Welcome to Hanson Gear Works, a world leader in Gearbox repair where our customer's focus has been a key part of our vision for many years as a premier machine Grinding and Rebuilding company. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We have the ability to repair and rebuild Gearboxes with high quality goods and services at competitive pricing. We are the first and best in class for repairing Gearboxes with fast and dependable service.

Hanson Gear Works specializes on all makes and models of gears, gearbox repair, and rotating equipment. We have state of the art technology and unique style of remanufacturing, repairing, regrinding and machining your old and worn out gearboxes. Upon arrival of your equipment we thoroughly cleanse all debris, grease oil and inspect, then gears and shafts are examined with a high-tech magnaflux for chips, cracks, flaking and wear. Other components are repaired or replaced to meet or exceed O.E.M. specification. Gears are remanufactured or Rebuild in some cases rehardened as required. Shaft journals and bearings surfaces are repaired to specifications.

We can provide options, upgrades and replacement with or without Manufacturer drawings. We have the capability to reverse engineer any gears by taking comprehensive measurements.
We have technicians who diagnose your equipment and rebuild them back up to their original size and original performance. The reason we stand behind our workmanship is our very advanced process of grinding/polishing, O. D. I. D. grinding, surface grinding, blanching and state of the art welding and gear lapping, flame hardening,Induction hardening all types of heat treating, and carburizing. We have the capability of grinding and Carburizing Gears all types of Internal and External Spline Cutting Gear Hobbing,Line Boaring for Bearing Surface and Shaft Journals On Gearboxes, Bearings, Seals, Gaskets and Shims. We our looking forward to hearing from you.


We have the technology and the capabilities of repairing all types of worn and broken equipment. Our company specializes in gear cutting and gearbox repair CNC machining CNC Grinding. various types of grinding methods such as surface grinding, lapping grinding, O. D. I. D., internal and external grinding and keyway,cutting, milling, shaving, rethreading line boaring and reverse engineering capabilities if needed. All types of welding available such as spray metalizing, bronze, brass, cast iron, cast steel and all other types alloys.


Repair on all your gearboxes to meet your needs. The latest rotating equipment service capable of handling all your repair and rebuild needs. We can respond immediately to any service call or emergency repair. When OEM tells you it’s obsolete or that there is a long lead time for repair or replacement, Hanson Gear Works can get you back up and running within 36-48 hours. Rather large or small repair, we will have your gearbox back in operation with minimal down time. We have free pick up and delivery for your gearbox repair. We our looking forward to hearing from you.


All of our work carries a Warranty against chipping, flaking, peeling or wearing. No equipment is beyond repair. We can provide your company up to 50% savings. Our company is equipped with the latest types of advanced technology for repairs on all your machinery needs. There is no need for your company to go back to OEM and pay 100% of the purchase price when we can rebuild and recondition this equipment. We are looking forward to hearing from you.



Alter Gearbox Repair

Amarillo Gearbox Repair

America Gearbox Repair 

Apex Dynamics Gearbox Repair 

Babcox and Wilcox Gearbox Repair

Baldor Gearbox Repair

Beloit Gearbox Repair 

Black Clawson Gearbox Repair

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Browning Gearbox Repair 

Burhans- Sharp Gearbox Repair

Byrd Gearbox Repair 

CE Ramond Gearbox Repair

Chemineer Gearbox Repair 

Cleveland Gearbox Repair

Combustion Engineering Gearbox Repair 

Cone Drive Gearbox Repair

D.O. James Gearbox Repair

David Brown Gearbox Repair 

Delaval Gearbox Repair

Delroyd Gearbox Repair

Dodge Gearbox Repair

Eimco Gearbox Repair 

Electra Gearbox Repair 

Elliot Gearbox Repair 

Enviro Gearbox Repair 

Fairfield Gearbox Repair 

Falk Gearbox Repair 

Farrell Gearbox Repair 

Flender Gearbox Repair 

Foote-Jones Gearbox Repair 

Fuller Gearbox Repair 

FL Smidth Gearbox Repair 

General Electric Gearbox Repair 

Gloucester Gearbox Repair 

Grant Gearbox Repair 

Gryol Gearbox Repair 

Hamilton Gearbox Repair 

Hansen Gearbox Repair 


Hitachi Holroyd Gearbox Repair 

Horsburg & Scott Gearbox Repair 

Hub City Gearbox Repair 

Jeffery Gearbox Repair 

WesTech Gearbox Repair 

Western Gearbox Repair

John Brown Johnson Gearbox Repair 

Koellmann Gearbox Repair 

KVS Gearbox Repair 

Krupp Gearbox Repair 

Leroy Sumer Gearbox Repair 

Lightnin Gearbox Repair 

Link Belt Gearbox Repair 

Litton Gearbox Repair 

Lohmann Gearbox Repair 

Lufkin Gearbox Repair 

Lynn Gearbox Repair 

Magg Gearbox Repair 

Marland Gearbox Repair 

Marley Gearbox Repair 

Milwaukee Gearbox Repair 

Mitsubishi Gearbox Repair 

Mixco Gearbox Repair 

Monarch Gearbox Repair 

Morse Gearbox Repair 

Motors Gearbox Repair 

Nord Gearbox Repair 

Sterling Gearbox Repair 

Thyssen Gearbox Repair 

National Gearbox Repair 

Nuttall Ohio Gearbox Repair 

Pacific Western Gearbox Repair 

Philadelphia Gearbox Repair 

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Gearbox Repair 

Polysius Gearbox Repair 

PT Tech Gearbox Repair 

Radicon Gearbox Repair 

Rank Gearbox Repair 

Renoid Gearbox Repair 

Reliance Gearbox Repair 

Renold Gearbox Repair 

Reuland Gearbox Repair 

Rexnord Gearbox Repair 

S-A Gearbox Repair 

Santasalo Gearbox Repair 

Sevadala  Gearbox Repair 

Sew-EuroDrive Gearbox Repair 

Shimpo Gearbox Repair 

SKK Gearbox Repair 

SM-Cyclo Gearbox Repair 

Sprout Gearbox Repair 

Sterling Gearbox Repair 

Straightline Gearbox Repair 

Sumitomo Gearbox Repair 

Symetro Gearbox Repair 

Westinghouse Gearbox Repair 

Winsmith Gearbox Repair 

Zambello Group Gearbox Repair 

Ground and Carburized Gears

Existence of teeth grinding and carburizing greatly affects the performance of gears. Therefore, in considering types of gears, teeth grinding is an important element to consider. Grinding the teeth surface makes gears quieter, increases the strength of gearbox capacity and extends life of gears. On the other hand, the addition of teeth grinding process increases cost and is not suitable for all gears. To obtain high precision other than by grinding, there is a process called shaving and flame hardening using shaving cutters with pitch diameter of cutters to match gears.


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