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Discover excellence in industrial crane equipment repair with Hanson Gear Works. Our expertise lies in restoring various crane components using cutting-edge technology and a unique approach to rebuilding, repairing, re-grinding, and machining. We specialize in revitalizing all types of crane wheels, pulley wheels, shaft wheels, trolley wheels, train wheels, track wheels, idler wheels, cable sheaves, drums, rotating equipment, shafts, drums, gears, and gearboxes.

Our meticulous process begins with a thorough inspection upon receiving your equipment. Our technicians disassemble, clean away debris, grease, oil, and dust, and employ high-tech magnaflux examination to detect chips, cracks, flaking, peeling, and wear.

Benefit from our state-of-the-art welding, metalizing, and machining technology, which includes O.D. – I.D. Grinding, surface and boring processes, blanching, lapping, center-less and internal grinding. Heat treating, carburizing, and flame hardening are integral elements of our services. No equipment is deemed beyond repair—we can save it. Our commitment to superior workmanship is evident in our advanced re-grinding, building-up, and polishing capabilities.

Every aspect of our work is backed by a warranty against flaking, peeling, chipping, or wearing. Your equipment, no matter its condition, can be rejuvenated, eliminating the need to return to the OEM and pay the full purchase price. Our cost-effective rebuilding and reconditioning services can save your company up to 50%.

For efficient shipping and dependable service, contact us. Worn and broken equipment finds optimal solutions through our repair and rebuilding procedures. If necessary, we can also remanufacture new crane wheels and gears. Explore the possibilities of equipment revitalization with Hanson Gear Works.

Why chose us?

Your One-Stop Shop for All Kinds of Crane Wheels in Texas
State-of-the-Art Processes and Advanced Repair Technology
Warranty-Backed Repairs For Clients
24/7 Emergency Crash Services
With our services, you can save up to 50% of the cost incurred if you go to your OEM. Our repairs will restore your crane wheels to perform optimally, thereby increasing their useful life.
Our exceptional services are tailored for all makes and models of cranes, tracks, idlers, shafts, trains, trolleys, and pulley wheels. We also tackle drums, cable sheaves, and a wide range of rotating equipment, such as gearshafts and gearboxes.
Our repair process uses CNC machining, metalizing, art welding, and machining technology, as well as O. D. – I. D. grinding, blanching, boring, lapping, internal grinding, heat treating, flame hardening, carburizing, and more.
Once we’ve worked on your equipment, our work will carry a warranty against all types of chipping, peeling, flaking, and wear.

Restore Your Equipment's Performance

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