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Gearbox Repair

Welcome to Hanson Gear Works, a globally renowned leader in gearbox repair. For many years, our vision has been anchored in customer satisfaction, driving us to excel as a premier machine Grinding and Rebuilding company. We prioritize delivering high-quality goods and services at competitive prices, ensuring our customers receive fast and dependable service of the highest caliber.

Specializing in all makes and models of gears, gearbox repair, and rotating equipment, Hanson Gear Works boasts state-of-the-art technology and a unique remanufacturing approach. Upon receipt of your equipment, our meticulous process begins with thorough cleansing to remove debris, grease, and oil.

We then conduct detailed inspections, utilizing advanced magnaflux technology to detect chips, cracks, flaking, and wear on gears and shafts. Any components found to be compromised are either repaired or replaced to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Gears may be remanufactured, rebuilt, or rehardened as necessary, while shaft journals and bearing surfaces are meticulously repaired to exact specifications.

Our comprehensive service includes providing options, upgrades, and replacements, with or without manufacturer drawings. Moreover, we possess the capability to reverse-engineer any gear by employing comprehensive measurements.

Ground and Carburized Gears

The presence of teeth grinding and carburizing significantly impacts gear performance. Teeth grinding enhances gear silence, increases gearbox capacity strength, and extends gear life. However, it also incurs additional costs and may not be suitable for all gears. For high precision beyond grinding, shaving and flame hardening processes are available, utilizing shaving cutters with pitch diameters matched to gears.

We look forward to serving you at Hanson Gear Works, where precision meets reliability!

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We handle various types of gearbox damage, including gear wear, shaft misalignment, and bearing issues. Our skilled technicians utilize advanced technology and precision techniques to address a wide range of gearbox issues.

Absolutely! Our team is equipped to respond immediately to service calls and emergency repairs, minimizing disruptions to your operations.

Our repair process includes comprehensive inspections, surface grinding, and heat treating. We go beyond standard repairs, addressing issues like teeth grinding and carburizing to extend the life of gears and enhance overall gearbox durability.

Whether it’s gear cutting, welding, or heat treating, we offer customized solutions to restore your gearbox to optimal performance.

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