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Screw and Barrel Repair

Screw and Barrel Repair

Hanson Gear Works has state-of-the-art technology and skills to rebuild and repair all the different types of screws and barrels. From French oil mills twin screws and barrel to cages and shafts used in meat processing plants, we understand the unique specification of each and we can repair them all with our meticulous and thorough approach.

If you’re looking for a quick turnaround time on the repair of your equipment’s screws and barrels, Hanson Gear Works is your best bet! We not only provide round-the-clock service but also ensure that our clients face minimal downtime. Starting with a thorough initial inspection and ending with meeting all of the manufacturer’s specifications, our process is designed to ensure complete client satisfaction.

So, choose us to get significant cost-savings and an extended warranty for your peace of mind.

Why chose us?

All Kinds of Screw and Barrel Repairs in Texas!
Skilled Team of Technicians Ensuring Minimal Downtime
Extended Warranty-Backed Repairs
24/7 Emergency Support Available

We have repaired screws and barrels for various types of injection molding, Band berry mixers, and screws and barrels for French Oil Mills. We’ve also repaired shafts and cages for meat processing plants.

Absolutely! We provide an extended warranty of up to 36 months against peeling, flaking, and chipping after our repairs.

We take pride in using the latest technology for welding, grinding, metalizing, keyway cutting, and more. Our process starts with a thorough inspection of the screws and barrels and ends with ensuring that the repairs meet the original specifications.

Other than screws and barrels, we also repair gearboxes, pumping equipment, grinder and vortex blades, choppers, pelletizers, all types of rams, and more for a wide range of industries, including plastic regrinding and pressing industries.

Transform Your Machinery for Peak Performance!

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