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Rolls Repair

Rolls Repair

Hanson Gear Works is a trailblazing destination for high-quality rolls repair services, specializing in the repairing of all makes and models of rotating equipment, including forming rolls. By using advanced and state-of-the-art processes such as O.D.-I.D. and centerless grinding, welding, polishing, and metalizing, we meticulously restore rollsas per OEM specifications.

Whether you have malfunctioning water-cooling rolls or straightening and back up rolls that need repairs, our team of seasoned technicians have the capability to tackle them all. If the rolls are chipped or cracked from another grinding, we can also refurbish them to the match all the manufacturer’s specifications. With a prompt response to all service calls and crash emergencies, we make sure to have the rollsperforming optimally with minimal downtime for our clients.

So, if you’ve been looking for premium rolls repairs in Pasadena, TX, Hanson Gear Works has you covered!

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We repair all types of forming rolls, including corrugated, idler, pinch, work, yodelers, analog, trunnion, intermediate, edger, printing, glue pot, water cooling rolls, as well as straightening and backup rolls.

Our refurbishing process is applicable on frozen bearing repair, roll neck straightening, roll turning and grinding, broken journal repair, re-chroming industrial chrome, brass, stellite alloys, and bronze.

Our rolls repair process starts with a thorough and close inspection of all the individual parts in the rolls and checking them for imperfections, cracks, concentricity, and straightness issues. We then work on the issues using advanced and precise processes such as centerless and O.D.–I.D. grinding, welding, and metalizing.

The turnaround time for our rolls repairs depends on the extent of the issue and the particular type of roll that needs repairs. We aim to minimize downtime for our clients and resolve the issue quickly.

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