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Mining, Quarries, Sand and Gravel

Hanson Gear Works has a state of the art and unique style of refurbishing and rebuilding equipment for the mining, rock, quarry, sand, gravel and asphalt Industries. We do repairing on all types of machinery even if they are broken, worn out, chipped or cracked. No equipment is scrap, we can save it and rebuild it back to original size and extend the life and wear of your equipment. All of our work carries a warranty.
With our new capabilities of machining, gear hobbing, and re-cutting, CNC machining, and milling equipment, we can also re-manufacture new parts.
Our company is equipped with the latest technology that includes many steps and a full disassembly and equipment rebuilding.Upon arrival our technicians thoroughly cleanse and remove all dust, debris, and grease, etc. Further more we are equipped with the latest technology of heat treating, flame hardening, re-lapping, carbonizing, O. D. And I. D grinding, surface grinding and all types of heat treating available.
Our style of refurbishing, re-grinding, re-building and re-cutting on all makes, styles and models of gears, gearboxes, brass and worm gears, helical and pinion gears for dryers, kelms and ball mills and all types of stone crushing equipment, far exceeds that of the competition.
We specialize in all types of Ring Gears and Pinions, Bull Gears, Planetary Gears and Internal Bevel Gears, Tumblers and Trunion Rolls, Shovel Equipment, Swing Shafts, Spline Shafts, Airlocks, Blowers, Hydraulic and Electric Motors.
All types of pumping equipment, flight pumps, moyno pumps, durco pumps, centrifugal pumps and impellers, wear plates and spline shafts, and gears made out of steel, cast iron, cast steel, brass. We re-cut helical, bevel, spiral bevel, internal gears, straight tooth, herringbone, worm gears, rack gears, spur, sprocket, and chain.




We have the technology and the capabilities of repairing all types of worn and broken equipment. Our company specializes in gear cutting CNC machining CNC Grinding.Reverse engineering various types of grinding methods such as surface grinding, lapping grinding, O. D. – I. D. grinding, internal and external grinding and key way cutting. all types of welding available Such as spray metal lysing bronze stainless steel aluminum and all other alloys.


Here is an example to help demonstrate our company’s capability Here we built the Falk Gearbox below on an expedited order All gears were manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications Bearing journals, we’re pre-ground rebuild and ground to size input and output shaft were rebuilt and ground to size all bearings were replaced with OEM bearings seals and gaskets were replaced and then 36-month warranty was applied.


All of our work carries a Warranty against chipping, flaking, peeling or wearing. No equipment is beyond repair. We can provide your company up to 50% savings. Our company is equipped with the latest types of advanced technology for repairs on all your machinery needs. There is no need for your company to go back to OEM and pay 100% of the purchase price when we can rebuild and recondition this equipment. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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