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Oil Field Equipment Rebuild

Hanson Gear Works has a team of skilled technicians that can rebuild and refurbish all the major categories of oil field equipment. These includemud pumps, rotary tables, fluid ends, swivels, and electric rotary tables.

We have the expertise to handle all kinds of oil field equipment and all their parts—regardless of the make and model. Once we receive the oil field equipment, our equipment restoration specialist will start by identifying ways to curb the damage.

After the initial inspection, we do a thorough damage analysis and devise a plan. This plan includes the complete scope of repairs and recommendations for the repair or replacement of the parts in the oil field equipment. We aim to quantify all the costs so you know exactly what you’re paying for!

Choose us for comprehensive oil field equipment rebuild—with or without manufacturer’s drawings!

Why chose us?

Adept at Handling All Makes and Models of Oil Field Equipment
Focus on Transparency and Customer Satisfaction
Repairs and Rebuilds Backed by Extended Warranty
24-Hour Emergency Service

We handle all types of gears in the oil field industry, including pinions, ring gears, cages for rotary tables, rack gears, bull gears, helical gears, planetary gears, spur gears, and herringbone gears.

In addition to all types of gears, we also repair and rebuild rotary tables, bearing races, and all makes and models of pumps in oil field equipment.

Our oil field equipment repairs and rebuilds are centered around cutting-edge technology such as rotating welding, metalizing, flame hardening, and heat treating.

Absolutely! All our work comes with an extended warranty of up to 36 months. Our warranty covers all types of chipping, flaking, breaking, and wearing of the equipment.

Restore Your Oil Mining Equipment

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